? Solopreneur vs. Entrepreneur: How to Make the Switch

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Ready to make the switch from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur?  We’re diving into how to make it happen this year.

IE 321: Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur: How to Make the Switch with Heather Brown

Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur: How to make the switch with Heather Brown

On today’s episode we have special guest Heather Brown of My Life Well Lived, her background is in marketing and journalism, she started blogging at the forefront of it about a decade ago.

Heather has worked with Pinterest and other social media for brands and all kinds of things.

Heather’s pride and joy is her podcast which she just released in August which is called Healthy with Heather Brown.

Each season she tries to tackle something in the health space such as mental health, emotional health, relation health, and physical health.

What is a solopreneur?

A solopreneur is someone that is rocking their business all by themselves.

People think that if you’re a podcaster or a blogger or a social media maven, it’s becoming more common for people that view it as a real career.

When you’re a solopreneur, you’re the accountant, you’re in charge of everything, you have to be the social media, the content creator, the photographer, videographer, SEO specialist, etc.

It’s sensory overwhelm all the time and as a solopreneur, you really are just manning it all by yourself.

What is the difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur?

A solopreneur in Heather’s mind is just being you, working by yourself, you’re doing everything and are probably completely overwhelmed.

An entrepreneur is someone that realizes all of these things falling off of their plate and cannot efficiently manage by themselves anymore.

They realize that they can’t be a good business owner because they are so overwhelmed but don’t want to quit because it’s their passion.

So, you start hiring to help you manage your dream better.

What are some examples of solopreneurs?

A lot of solopreneurs will call what they’re doing a “side hustle”.

A solopreneur could be a podcaster, they could be a blogger, any type of content creator you can imagine.

You could be a writer, artist, an MLM.

Anything that you’re doing that is just you trying to run a business, you could be painting signs.

Even some people that are coaches that may work one on one with people.

If you’re calling it a side hustle then you’re not giving yourself enough credit. 

You are an entrepreneur, step into that ownership and leadership because the only way to continue to grow that business and not get burnt out is to turn it into so that you are an entrepreneur.

Think of that war as a business and start treating it that way becasue no one else is gonna treat it that way until you do.

Proving yourself to other people comes from self-confidence, you can’t succeed truly until you have the inner confidence.

You can’t get the inner confidence unless you’re working on yourself from the inside, outside, emotionally and spiritually.

How do we make the switch from solopreneur to entrepreneur with a team?

Starting off with an internship is always a good option, it helps fulfill their college course credit, some of them do it for the experience side of their resume.

From a financial standpoint, you want to feel rock solid before you start paying someone.

Heather’s first step was emailing local colleges and just saying “Hey I’m looking for an intern, can you point me in the right direction?”      

But as time has grown, now there’s social media so you can post on your Instagram story or on your Facebook that you’re looking to hire.

And it’s not about who they are or what your strengths are, Heather chose one of hers by just going off the fact that she was good with numbers and she loves spreadsheets.

All the things that Heather hated, Alyssa excelled at.

It helps out because now we need to see your social media pages because we work on social media, we need to know what you know.

The first step is just getting someone hired and figuring out the easiest way to do that.

One of the key stepping stones in Heather’s team building course for preneurmamas is deciding what your mission is.

So Heather created a worksheet that helps them get a mission and vision statement so that you can be confident in who you are and what your business is.

Action Steps:

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