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There is definitely an art to creating a pitch that converts.  Some people tend to find pitching easier than others, but that’s often because they don’t understand the give that needs to be a large portion of the pitch.  A pitch is much like a roadmap with certain attractions or stop points that need to be on the way to getting you to your destination.

The Roadmap of a Pitch

The Roadmap of a Pitch

All of the stop points along your roadmap to a converting pitch can also be found in our easy 9 Point Pitch Checklist as well as in our Pitch Perfect Challenge.

Pitch Perfect Challenge

Know your Audience

How you address your pitch is going to be determined by who your audience is and how you want to be perceived by that audience.  If you want them to see your pitch as from someone they should trust then start your pitch with Hi….!  You often want to start this way because those that are reading your pitch are less likely to become defensive.  When people think they are being pitched then they often will become disinterested in the rest of your content because they feel like you are trying to sell them something.  Address your pitch as if you are speaking to someone that you know.

Introduce yourself with a Give

You’re going to hear me using the word give a lot.  It’s because I believe that in order to ask for something you have to give them something prior.  When you introduce yourself it should shine a light on how you are going to give them a piece of your influence because it is relevant to their brand.  You want them to automatically be able to see how your influence with your audience is clearly in line with their company’s goals.  An example of this is that if I was pitching a frozen vegetable company I would introduce myself as someone who creates recipes for busy parents that understand the lack of time and the need for nutritious ingredients in their meals.

Explain your Influence with a Give

You again need to show how you are going to give to the brand or company that you are reaching out to.  We all have strengths as influencers.  In your pitch you need to show them how you are going give that influence to them in a way that would matter to them.  So I have a decent size Facebook page and I’m extremely comfortable doing live video so I would show the company I want to work with how my influence on Facebook Live could benefit their goals.  Always goes back to what you are going to give to them though.

Choose a Product & Relate to it

In an example above I stated that if I was reaching out to a frozen vegetable company I would be sure to stress the fact that I create quick and easy recipes, but that I also want something healthy.  Now, let’s say that the frozen vegetable company also has a new product out that they are promoting which has protein in it.  I would be sure to choose that product and tell them how my picky eaters can benefit from added protein.  You want to do your research and be authentic about how the product serves you as well as your audience.

Always have a Call to Action

Anytime you pitch someone it is absolutely necessary to have a call to action.  You want it to be simple and straight to the point.  When pitching a brand you want to ask if you can send them your media kit and a proposal specific to their business.  A simple call to action is vital in order for the pitch to convert.  A brand needs to know how you want them to respond to your pitch.  Be clear  and concise.  You will see results when you give them a simple action to take.

Join in on our Pitch Perfect Challenge for a hands on approach to these stop points in order to get you to your destination.

Pitch Perfect Challenge



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