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The Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast

Check your doubts at the door because this is YOUR time. The time to smash your biggest challenges, crush your income goals and transform your business into the unstoppable force it’s meant to be. Jenny helps you get there faster with expert training that maximizes your growth potential using proven success strategies. Whether it’s how to attract your dream sponsor, create a business plan or make your live broadcast go viral, you’ll find it tackled by the Influencer Entrepreneur Podcast.   

Join us LIVE!  Podcasts are recorded live every Tuesday at 11am EST on the Jenny Melrose Facebook Page, join us and you could be on the show!

IE 37: Finding your Strength as an Influencer

Are you a blogger or influencer that wants to work with brands, but you're not sure how you're different from every other blogger out there? It can often feel like you are just another blogger, but that's not why you started this.  Is it?  You have a unique...

IE 36: How to Write a Killer Elevator Pitch

Have you been asked what it is that you do and you find yourself struggling with your elevator pitch? Or have you answered with "I just blog" and you're met with a look, or even better yet the question, "You make money doing that?" We need to be able to tell others...

IE 34: What you need to know about Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an opportunity for bloggers to make a full time income from the audience that they have established. Are you wondering if you're large enough to make a full time income? Today we're going to talk about what exactly an influencer is and what are...

Podcast 33: How to Stay in your Lane when Creating Content

IE 33: How to Stay in your Lane when Creating Content with Stephanie O'Dea We all have so many life experiences that it can be difficult to stay in our own lanes when creating our content.  I am definitely guilty of this, which is why we're diving into how to stay in...

Podcast 32: How to Turn your Content into a Book

IE 31: How to Turn your Content into a Book Do you have a ton of content that you know would make a good book or are you looking to gain authority in your niche?  We're diving into how to turn your content in a book. Beth Brombosz of BloggertoAuthor.com is sharing how...


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