? Podcast 28: How to Pitch Local Brands and Businesses

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How to Pitch Local Brands

IE 28: How to Pitch Local Brands with Robyn Gleason 

How to Pitch Local Brands and Businesses

As online influencers we often believe that we need to work with brands and businesses that are no where near us, but what about the local brands that are right in our backyard.

We are diving into how to pitch local brands with Robyn Gleason of MoreMediaInc.com

Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction of Robyn Gleason from Simply Fresh Dinners and More Media Inc.
  • Importance of having someone to collaborate with about your online business
  • Story of how Robyn reached out to local farms and started doing recipe development for them
  • Importance of researching the local businesses social media presence
  • Example of an event hosted and created for local businesses
  • Importance of influencer campaigns
  • The ability to pitch without being worried about getting a know
  • More Media Inc. and the campaigns that they run
  • Understanding the strengths that each influencer brings to the table
  • Invitation only influencer campaigns and the reasoning behind it
  • Send media kit to Robyn at admin@moremediainc.com
  • Projections for 2017
  • The difference between More Media Inc and networks

Resources Mentioned:

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