? Podcast 24: How to Get Organized as a Busy Mom & Online Entrepreneur

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How to Get Organized as a Busy mom & Online Entrepreneur

IE 24: How to Get Organized as a Busy Mom & Online Entrepreneur with Jenn Slavich

How to Get Organized as a Busy Mom & Online Entrepreneur

So many online entrepreneurs that I meet are also moms and we are literally trying to do it all.  We want to be the stay-at-home mom that is also the room mom and on the PTA all while running a successful business from home.

In today’s episode Jenn Slavich is walking us through How to Get Organized as busy moms and online entrepreneurs without losing our sanity in the process.

She also is offering a 5 Day Busy Mom Challenge to my audience so that we can hit the ground running this summer.

Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction of Jenn Slavich of HomebyJenn.com.
  • Most difficult part of being an online entrepreneur
  • How to keep it all organized
  • Explanation of themed days
  • Typical workday schedule
  • The key to getting it all organized
  • Set a schedule and stick to it so that your focused
  • Importance of a vision board for personal and business goals
  • Journaling for goal setting
  • Organized Busy Mom Workbook
  • Automating and creating a plan for yourself by figuring out the how
  • Daily plan set nightly with a visualization in the morning of the tasks being completed
  • Projections for 2017
  • Busy Mom Videocast


Resources Mentioned:

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