? Importance of Nurture Emails & How to Effectively Use Them

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Growing an email list is great, but you need to have nurture emails that you effectively use to grow your business.

IE 287: Importance of Nurture Emails & How to Effectively Use Them with Allea Grummert

Importance of Nurture Emails & How to Effectively Use Them with Allea Grummert

Allea is an email marketing strategist and conversion copywriter at Duett.

She helps online business owners make a killer first impression through automated welcome and nurture sequences that engage readers, build brand loyalty and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

Why are nurture emails important?

Nurture emails are basically your introduction to people. 

So when they join your email list, how do you introduce yourself? How do you let them know what’s coming? How do you set expectations? 

Nurture emails are like giving them a tour, a lay of the land, if you will.

In the most simple terms, your nurture emails are telling them who you are and what they will get from you.

It can also be much more complex where you can set up nurture emails to actually just deliver to them automatically for weeks and weeks to come. 

If you’re going to set up automated sequences, the idea is that you’re really introducing people to the ecosystem of your business.  

When should a nurture email come?

Nurture emails can go out once a week and you just pick a day of the week that you want them to go out. 

For example, if you have multiple themes of content you publish onMondays, you could sent out that content every week on Wednesdays.

Another way to do it would be to have all the automated ones go out on Tuesdays and cycle through different themes. 

So instead of it going out Monday, Wednesday, Friday, it would just be week one is this type of content while week two is this type of content and so on and so forth.

What should be in a nurture email?

This always depends on what your goals are for your nurture emails.

If your goals are traffic back to your site, then that needs to be brought into the picture. So that might mean not putting your entire blog post in the email.

It might be a little blurb or intro.

For example, you might tell them how your family uses this recipe. What do they love about it? And then a link through to it. 

In the nurture emails that I write for clients, sometimes we include a testimonial for the recipe that we’re linking to.

For example, you can include that in there that says, “We started making this every week and now my kids can’t get enough.” 

By including that in the email, people are intrigued and think that maybe their  kids will like it so they’re more likely to click through.

These are some great Nurture Email Examples from different niches.

What is the best way to make nurture emails evergreen?

As far as seasonal content goes, what might be helpful is to put them in their own sequence.

They might get them every Saturday from April through August, and then you turn it off. ,

That’s one way to make sure that your seasonal recipes don’t fall to the wayside.

if you are going to have a nurture sequence with evergreen content, just make sure that it’s not time sensitive. 

How is a nurture email different from a welcome sequence?

A welcome sequence is similar to your house warming basket.

If somebody moves to your town you might tell them about your favorite coffee shop or a trail that is great for walking.

A welcome sequence provides that information.

Then once people have that clear understanding of you, then you can start sending them your nurture content.

The nurture emails should be in line with how you’ve introduced yourself in your welcome sequence and continues to provide them with that valuable content.

Don’t make the mistake of creating a welcome sequence that talks all about yourself. 

What you’ve done, your accomplishments, how many kids you have, etc.

This is all wonderful, but if you don’t tie it back to how you’re going to guide them on the journey that you’re helping them solve then you’re going to lose them.

Just remember, you don’t have to be all things to all people. 

You get to be all things to the busy mom of four kids who doesn’t have a lot of time  if that is your avatar. 

Knowing who you are writing for gives you the confidence to hit send on your emails.

Writing your welcome sequence does not have to be difficult especially if you use the 5 Part Framework for Writing your First Welcome Sequence with Ease

The framework helps you determine what the tone of your messaging is. 

How do you want people to think or feel when they’re on your list?

How do you introduce yourself? What’s important to share and what’s not.

The framework helps you to stop overthinking and actually write the darn thing.

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