? IE 72: Behind the Scenes of a Membership Site - Mastering Your Influence

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Are you looking to take your blogging to the next level so that you can have increased pageviews and an engaged audience?  Then the membership site, Mastering Your Influence is what you are looking for.  It will help you do all of this and so much more.

IE 72: Behind the Scenes of Mastering Your Influence Membership Site

Behind the Scenes of a Membership Site for Bloggers and Influencers

I want to do something very different today than I usually do here. Today, I am giving you a behind the scenes look at my membership site. If we’re honest, I think most of us would admit that summertime is our downtime. Pageviews tend to drop. Sales may go down. You may feel a sense of mild panic, or full-blown panic, if you’ve never been through a summer with your business before.

We all know that Q4, or the 4th quarter of the year, is coming up and it will be amazing. Now is the perfect time to get ready for it and to put systems in place that will use the slower summer to help you grow and be ready for Q4.

What is the Membership Site Mastering Your Influence?

First, let’s talk about what exactly the Mastering Your Influence membership is.

Mastering Your Influence is an exclusive membership site where bloggers are able to ask questions at any time. I also provide weekly training through Facebook lives within the group. These live sessions allow me to teach you and allow you to interact with me and the others attending the training.

Monthly Trainings and Sessions inside the Membership Site

I also bring in a monthly guest from outside the group who is an expert in their industry and they provide training in that area. For example, Jennifer Roskamp, of The Intentional Mom, is coming inside the membership site during the month of May 2018 to talk to us all about nurturing your email list.

One of the things I love about the membership site is our monthly Q&A session. The great thing about this session is that we don’t do it on Facebook. We do it via Zoom. So there we all are, talking to each other and seeing each other’s faces, for 60 minutes.

Group Organization inside the Membership Site

Because I use a Facebook group for the forum portion of the membership site, every time I do a Facebook live, the teaching gets downloaded to Teachable so that you are able to go back and watch everything and you never have to worry about missing a teaching if you can’t be there when I’m live.

As I’m doing live trainings, the members are asking questions and other members are answering them as they see something they have experience with. There is just so much give and take in the group that it takes the burden off of any one person to answer all the questions.

One of the great things about the membership site is that at the beginning of each week, I go in and list out every single training that I will be offering during that week so that my members know ahead of time what they need to plan for.

For those women who choose to join the membership at the Gold level, you actually get one-on-one office hours with me. You are able to get two 15-minute calls with me each month.

The Facebook group is an extremely active group. If you get stuck somewhere in your business, answers are just a few clicks away. There are people in the group who have either been where you are or they are there right now and finding answers that they can then share with you.

Teachable Content inside the Membership Site

I mentioned that you can get access to my trainings on Teachable. Because I established this membership site in January of 2017, there are currently 70+ trainings in the Teachable site. You get immediate access to all of these trainings when you join.

These trainings go from the most basic “Start Here” to the most advanced training I offer. I am passionate about beating overwhelm, so the Start Here training is designed to get you off on the right foot from the very beginning.

Many of the trainings also include PDF files so that you have practical help and steps to complete. A bonus is that if you are a student of Pitch Perfect Pro, there is additional information for you inside the Teachable trainings.

Within the Teachable trainings, we cover working with brands, product creation, networking, building a challenge, Pinterest, all the social media channels, and technical skills. In addition, we have catalogued every past group call.

Why have these old calls? My experience shows that new bloggers come from many different niches and because of that, there are questions that they haven’t even thought of asking yet but we have likely covered some of those questions during our monthly calls. For the new blogger, this helps to give them direction and focus on where they are headed with their business.

Why Join my Membership Site, Mastering Your Influence?

If you’re wondering why you should join a membership site like Mastering Your Influence, let me lay out a few benefits.

  • Accountability. In the membership, you have over 100 bloggers who are all trying to move their businesses forward and get to the next level. You need people to hold you accountable for what you say you will do and these ladies are the perfect ones to do that.
  • Education. Continued education is vital for bloggers and anyone in business. When you join the membership, you not only have access to bloggers who may be several steps ahead of you, but you also get those 70+ trainings immediately.
  • Audio content. One of the great things about Teachable is that you can listen to video content like a podcast. For a lot of these trainings, you don’t need to necessarily be watching to get the information. Being able to listen while doing other things is a huge benefit.
  • Current information. The online world is constantly changing. You can depend on us to have the latest information in the membership site. Instagram stories are super hot right now and we have 6+ trainings already just on IG stories.

 Get started today for just $49 per month for the Silver level and $149 per month for Gold.

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