? IE 43: 10 Killer Content Ideas for Facebook Live You've Got to See

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IE 43: 10 Killer Content Ideas for Facebook Live You’ve Got to See

10 Killer Content Ideas for Facebook Live You've Got to SEE

If you’re new to this podcast, you may not know that I’ve been running a series over the past couple of weeks on doing Facebook Lives. Why am I spending so much time talking about live broadcasts?

Because I believe that as an influencer, you have to incorporate video into your content.

Live Broadcasts

The beauty of live broadcasting is that it isn’t expensive to do. Check out the 5 Dirt Cheap Tools I Use to Create All My Videos, because if you don’t know what you should be using you may be spending too much!

Okay, today I want to continue to talk about live broadcasts by giving you several examples of ways that you can use Facebook Live. Because I have listeners in many different niches that read and listen here, I want to address some different areas and hopefully give you tons of ideas so that you can get started doing live broadcasts right away.

One of the main things to remember about doing a Facebook live is just that…it is live. There is no editing, no going back, and nothing you can do about the mistakes until it’s over. So let’s dig into some different niches and get down to it.

If you missed Episode #41, be sure to go back and listen, because in it I share exactly how to structure your live broadcasts to get the most audience engagement.

Food Bloggers

I know I have a lot of listeners who are food bloggers. There are so many ways that you can use live video to reach your audience!


  • Create a recipe. Use a crutch like your child or significant other.
  • Share cooking tips. Show them how to cut and seed a pomegranate.
  • Talk about tools. Share your favorite tools and how you use them.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want your live broadcasts to increase audience engagement and to drive viewers to your blog. So let’s say you do a Facebook Live on the best and easiest way to peel and seed a pomegranate. In the video, be sure to direct your viewers to your blog where you share pomegranate recipes.

Link to your pomegranate recipes in the comments of your video once you’re done. Be sure those recipe posts are optimized with affiliate links for anything you use in the recipe. Likewise, if you do a tips video or share your favorite tools, send viewers to your blog where you have affiliate links to those things.

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Craft Bloggers

An obvious way to do a Facebook live if you are a craft blogger is to make a craft in your video. This could be something the audience can do right along with you or something they might want to make with their child later on.

For a great example of this type of video, check out Alisha of Sew What Alisha. She did a 30-day series of Facebook lives on how to sew with zippers. Every day had a unique project and a lesson on sewing the zipper for that day’s item. Alisha’s engagement went through the roof and her audience kept coming back for more because they knew she’d be there with another lesson on sewing zippers.

Maybe you aren’t a seamstress, like me, but you enjoy doing crafts. Even if it’s a very simple craft, using a crutch like my 4-year-old daughter increases my audience engagement simply because people will watch just to see what my daughter might say. 4-year-olds can be very interesting, you know!

Two more quick examples are 2 ladies from my Mastering Your Influence membership site. They decided to do a series around a Halloween theme. One of them did a live broadcast on Halloween snacks to make and the other made Halloween crafts with her child.

Decor Bloggers

I know it sounds easy to make a recipe or do a craft on live video, but what about you decor bloggers? Is there a way to do live broadcasts for you? You bet there is!

How about styling a bookshelf on a live broadcast? You can begin with a typical bookshelf like most of us have. Too much stuff on it and none of it organized very well. On your live broadcast, take everything off of the shelf and walk your audience through how to place things on the shelf in a more organized way but also to catch the eye and look more beautiful.

Another fabulous example for decor bloggers is Leigh Anne Wilkes of Your Homebased Mom. She has an amazing post on how she decorates an artificial Christmas tree that has gone crazy viral for her! Now imagine if she took that post and did it live for her Facebook audience. Can you imagine the amount of engagement that would get and the opportunities for affiliate links?

Your audience wants to know that you are a real person, they want to know you as you are in real life. When you do live video, you give them a glimpse into your real life and that increases their desire to engage with your content.

Organizational Bloggers

Okay, so you don’t craft, you don’t sew, you don’t cook and you don’t decorate. But you organize and you are a master of decluttering. How can live broadcasts work for you?

Why not teach your decluttering methods on live video? Do you have a great system of baskets that you use to get the kids to take their stuff upstairs? Show the baskets, talk your audience through how you use them, and have the kids take their things upstairs!

Your audience wants actionable steps. When you provide that for them and they see your real life, they engage more fully with your brand. They also want to see you interact with your family, so when you include your children in your live videos, they will want to come back.

Another example for organizers is to do a challenge. If you are great at decluttering, do a decluttering challenge and walk your audience through it with you as you complete the challenge yourself in your home. How about a budgeting challenge? If you have worksheets on budgeting, issue a challenge to your audience and then each week, walk through every worksheet with them.

If you need help with creating challenges, be sure to get my 10-Day Challenge Builder. In it, I talk you through how to create a challenge that is in line with your content and how to incorporate products down the road.

Capturing Your Audience

Let’s talk briefly about capturing Pinterest traffic. We all know that Pinterest can drive a ton of traffic our way, but the trick is in getting those people who came to our site for a recipe or a craft project to stick around. If you are running a challenge and you talk about it in the post they came over for, they’re more likely to stick around and get interested in participating.

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Do Interviews

Interviews are another great way to use Facebook live to get engagement. If you’re a food blogger, maybe you have a friend who just published a new cookbook and wants you to write a post for her and promote her cookbook.

How much more powerful would it be to have her come on with you and do a Facebook live where she actually makes one of the recipes from her new book? You can then embed that video into the blog post itself so that everyone who reads the post in the future will still have the benefit of the live video, even though it isn’t live anymore.

We haven’t addressed Mom bloggers yet, but interviews are perfect for them! If you have a parenting or mom blog, consider a friend of mine. She does a weekly Facebook live and every week she has another mom “expert” on with her. She has her audience submit questions, either ahead of time or live, and she and the expert answer those questions live. Doing a weekly show like this builds this blogger’s level of expertise.

Hold a Contest

Remember those Michael’s commercials you see all the time? The ones where the 2 celebrities are each given certain craft items and have a set amount of time to create a craft from them? Of course, those videos are edited. But think through the possibilities with me for a minute.

Why couldn’t you and a craft blogger or food blogger friend get on a Facebook live and make the recipe or craft right there? And the kicker? The audience gets to decide which one is the best! Think Cupcake Wars but on Facebook live.

In closing, let me say this- it is crucial that you learn to think outside the box when doing live video. Facebook is pushing the live component of their platform, so get comfortable with it and use it!

In upcoming episodes of this podcast, I will be talking more about using live video. Remember though that you need a purpose in doing live video. Ask yourself, what is my purpose in doing this? Is it just for engagement, because if it is, you need another purpose.

The purpose of doing live videos is to drive traffic to your blog where you can either get them on your email list, sell them something through an affiliate link, or warm them up for a product you will be creating soon.

The other thing is that brands are now paying big dollars for Facebook lives. Some brands are willing to pay as much as $500 for an 8-minute Facebook live. $500!! You have to know what these brands want and you need to be comfortable in front of a live camera to take advantage of these opportunities.

Okay finally, be sure to sign up for the live training I am doing on working with brands and how to create authentic content without selling out. Go to Jenny Melrose to sign up today!

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