? IE 75: Instagram Sponsored Posts that Will Make You Stand Out

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If you have a blog or any kind of online business, you know that Instagram is the hottest new kid on the block. Everybody is using it and now there is an opportunity for you to create Instagram Sponsored Posts. Today I want to give you some ideas and pointers on how to best take advantage of these opportunities.

IE 75: Instagram Sponsored Posts that will Make You Stand Out

Instagram Sponsored Posts that Will Make You Stand Out #bloggingtips #Instagram

You Must Disclose an Instagram Sponsored Post

Before we get into any details on how to get an Instagram sponsored post, we need to be clear on one thing. Just like with a blog, disclosure is an absolute must. I don’t care what you’ve heard; you are not a Kardashian…and even the Kardashians are getting busted for not disclosing.

If you are receiving any form of compensation, whether that’s money, product, or travel, you have to disclose that information through either #ad or #sponsored. You can also mention in the video or your post that you are partnering with the brand. If you have over 10K followers and the option for your viewers to “swipe up” to be taken to a sponsored post, you need to disclose in your posts or your Insta-stories that the post is sponsored. Just stick that #ad on there and move on.

I get why some people don’t want to disclose; they think it makes them look like a sell-out. They feel squeamish about it. But let me give you another perspective. You should be proud that you’re at the point that brands are willing and happy to pay you in order to work with you. It shows growth and hard work. You are an example to other bloggers who want to earn an income through their blogs of the possibilities that are available.

What Can You Charge for an Instagram Sponsored Post?

As someone who is known for pitching brands, I get this question almost every single day. Bloggers and influencers wanting to know what they can charge for the sponsored work they want to do. You can obviously Google these things, but I want to give you just some basic industry standards for how you can decide what to ask for on sponsored Instagram campaigns.

As far as a basic Instagram sponsored posts, you can ask for $100 for every 10K followers you have. If you add video of any kind, whether that’s an actual IG video or a story, you can charge more.

Okay, I hear your next question – “But Jenny, I’ve only got 600 followers. Does this mean that I can’t do Instagram sponsored posts?”

Absolutely not! I know bloggers with 500 followers that are doing Instagram sponsored posts, but they are either making less money or they are doing what I recommend in Pitch Perfect Pro which is putting together an entire package for the brand that includes a blog post and social media mentions. Those social media mentions may include an IG post or a story.

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How IG Stories Set You Apart as an Instagram Sponsored Post

When it comes to Instagram, there is a definite way to set yourself apart and stand out from all the other bloggers using the platform. That way is Insta-stories.

If you aren’t familiar with Insta-stories, they are 15-second increments of video or still screens that show across the top of someone’s IG feed. If you look at the top of your IG feed you will see circles across the top. Click on one of those and you are watching someone’s Insta-story.

So when you are pitching a brand for Instagram sponsored posts, you need to, first of all, decide how many of these stories you will include as a part of your package. Typically, bloggers offer a blog post, a Facebook share, a Pin, a Tweet, and an IG post. The smartest bloggers are now also including Instagram stories as part of that package.

The great thing about using stories is that you can add it to the “highlights” section of your profile and it won’t go away after 24 hours. When you pitch the brand, be sure you explain to them how long you will hold the story in your highlights and how that benefits them.

Now let’s say you have those 10K followers. You can now charge $100 for the Instagram sponsored post, $100 each for two Insta-stories, and a little extra for holding the highlight. Even if you are under that 10K range, begin to think about how much you can charge when you consider adding stories and holding highlights for brands.

Who Do You Reach Out To for an Instagram Sponsored Post?

So many bloggers wait around to be chosen by whichever network they are working with. You know that I believe in pitching the brands directly and that holds true for Instagram sponsored posts.

The first thing you want to do – and in case you aren’t aware, you can get all of these ideas and more on my Pitch Perfect Cheat Sheet – the first thing to do is go to the brand’s website and look for a Press or Media tab. Hopefully, there will be a person’s name to contact along with their email address.

When you pitch this person, you have to come into it understanding how their product matches with your audience. Let me be brutally honest here – the brands couldn’t care less how you will use their product; what they care about is how your audience will use it.  Why should they choose to work with you and what can you offer them that is different than a hundred other bloggers?

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Authenticity Matters in an Instagram Sponsored Post

I’ve said it before and I will probably be saying it until my dying day…authenticity matters. You aren’t just creating some IG post or story on why your audience should buy this product you’re talking about.

Listen to me, if you can’t stand behind the brand and honestly recommend it and talk about why you love it and why your audience will love it, you probably shouldn’t be doing the campaign.

Another thing that comes up a lot when we talk about authenticity is the whole conversation about working for product. If I hear one more time, “I can’t pay my mortgage with granola”, I might scream.

Okay, no, you can’t pay your mortgage with granola. That’s true. But if the granola company is a small start-up and they want to work with you but they only have product to offer, you have to decide if you really believe in the product. And if you do, then by all means, do whatever you want to do. Maybe you start working for product now, but when they grow, they have an advertising budget. Guess who they will choose to work with? You!

You’ve built a level of trust with them and they know you, they know your audience, and they know they can depend on you to do what you say you will do. Authenticity matters not only in the posts you write and the things you share but also in your relationships with the brands.

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