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One of the hottest features of Instagram are reels, which is why Tina Lee is sharing her Instagram Reel tips and tricks.

IE 305: Instagram Reel Tips and Tricks with Tina Lee

Our guest today is Tina Lee. She started off as an influencer and content creator in the travel and lifestyle niche about five to six years ago.

About two years ago, Tina started a course called the full-time influencer program where she teaches people how to grow and monetize their following on Instagram.

What has impacted your ability to be a Full Time Influencer?

In the beginning, Tina felt like it was a complete lack of knowledge and network in the industry where she wasn’t able to learn who were the people that mattered.

That lack of knowledge in the beginning really stopped her from landing any paid brand deals, or really being able to value herself as an influencer.

Instagram reel tips and tricks with Tina Lee

As she started to meet more people in the industry, whether it’s influencers, PR representatives, or brand representatives, that’s what changed the entire game for Tina.

For Tina, a platform that her influencers have really grown from is Instagram, Tina is super heavy into Instagram, especially with reels.

When reels came out two years ago, Tina was super scared, she didn’t want to make video content.

As she started to lean into it and figure out what really worked, it took off and she went from about 200,000 followers to almost 600,000.

What are your Instagram reel tips and tricks that we can implement today?

There’s something that we’re seeing right now is that there are some pretty random reels that seem to get a lot of views.

And it’s understood that it’s because Instagram really wants to push reels, but we shouldn’t be looking at those kinds of reels that don’t really provide value for our audience as a measure of what you should be creating in order to grow.

You want to grow something that gets you reached and views might not be something that will convert those views into actual following.

Tina thinks that is the disconnect, people will post a lot and maybe they’re even getting views, but they’re not actually converting those views into meaningful followers and people who will engage with you afterwards and enjoy what you put out there.

It goes without saying that she thinks everyone listening here probably knows that you have to post within your niche and don’t try to hop on just because it’s a trending thing and you saw someone else get a lot of views.

Even if you want to do that, you want to make sure you adapt it to your niche.

The next step is to really think about how your reel is actually providing value to your audience, that value doesn’t just have to be purely educational.

It can be entertaining, inspirational, motivational, and educational, when you have those elements into many of your reels, not all of them have to be that high level.

Then you will start to see more conversion as you stay consistent.

You’re consistently creating value, providing content and reels, and that’s when the growth really happens.

Are there Instagram reels trends that you see continuing?

Even though Tina feels like this isn’t necessarily the thing that will get you the most views, what she thinks will become more and more popular is reel sit and directly speak to the audience.

Right now on Instagram we’re seeing a lot of music and visuals that don’t require hearing or knowing what you’re talking about.

The next stage of Instagram reels will become more like what TikTok is right now.

So speaking about your experiences, speaking about how to teach people about certain things, or speaking about a day in your life of vlogging, with maybe an interesting visual overlay.

That will be a skill that has to be mastered going forward because just a few visuals stringing clips together in the future, won’t quite do it anymore.

Before, it used to be that the shorter the video, the better, so as short as it needs to be to cover what you want to talk about.

And now it still is true, but we are seeing more and more of the short form video content needs to get a little bit longer in order to hold your audience for longer.

In order to actually convert them, you need a little bit more time with them, so Tina would say over 10 seconds is necessary for any kind of talking video to even get your point across.

How do you see Instagram evolving over the next year?What Tina is seeing is that ultimately a lot of the older users are dying off and then this new wave of users are coming in and they are very engaging.

They love to like, comment, and engage, so a lot of the older accounts that have that group, maybe five or even longer ago, you might see a decrease in engagement because you’re still holding to sort of what she would call a dead weight on your following.

The next step is to really be able to speak to this younger audience by being authentic, which is just being more casual.

It’s not so much the picture perfect moment or the perfect looking life, but it’s more mixed with a little bit of imperfection there and it can translate in many different ways.

It can either be the things that aren’t so perfect in your life or it can be visually less aesthetically pleasing.

We will observe as we go, but Tina does think it’s important to share more of those personal moments and the imperfect moments.

Instagram Reels course

The course is called Reel’s rocket ship and if you want to check it out, it’s Reels Rocket Ship.

Tina wanted to package everything that she knew about reels into this one program, because it’s so impactful.

It covers everything about how the algorithm works, because it’s slightly different to your regular posts, also what goes into a viral reel then what actually converts people into following

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