? IE 81: Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy: A Conference for Women Bloggers

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Today, I am thrilled to announce that tickets are on sale at the early bird price for Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy coming up April 2 – 4, 2019.  IEA will empower to women bloggers and influencers to scale and grow their businesses.  I am so excited to finally be able to share more about it with you and to open up those early bird ticket sales.

IE 81: Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy

Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy: A Premier Conference for Women Bloggers & Influencers
The Best of the Best when it comes to Conferences

I have been blogging for many years and in that time, I have attended many, many blogging conferences. I have loved every minute of the learning and networking I have been able to do at each and every one. My goal in creating this event is to take the best parts of the conferences I have attended and bring them together in one amazing event.


While I really enjoy attending and speaking at niche-driven conferences, I wanted my event to be broader. As a lifestyle blogger myself for the past 8 years, I know that I learn the most when I can get around bloggers in many different niches. I get to see what they’re doing to grow their businesses and the specific things that are working for each niche.

Welcome to IEA

Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy will be held at the Hilton in Charlotte, NC which is only about 20 minutes from the Charlotte airport. This will ensure easy access and the least amount of time possible driving to and from the conference.

The first night of the conference, Tuesday, April 2, will kick off with a cocktail cruise on Lake Norman on the Carolina Grace. This gorgeous yacht setting will be host to an evening of appetizers and cocktails with ample time to network and get to know one another. I want to start the event off with an evening of relaxation so that when Wednesday morning comes, we are ready to get to work.

Learning and Working

Each day, we will be providing both breakfast and lunch. Our days will begin around 8 am and our speakers will be ready with some great information and teachings on specific strategies.

Our speakers, who range in topics from SEO, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Tailwind, will each have around 45 minutes to present their own personal expertise in their field. There will be multiple speakers and topics and yours truly will also be speaking on mindset and productivity. The goal of these sessions is helping you figure out how to scale your business to the next level.

You will be given a workbook at the beginning of the day and while the speakers are presenting, you will be able to fill in that notebook with the specific strategies they are giving you. As each speaker finishes her presentation, she will come down off the stage and workshop with you. This allows you to ask specific questions of each speaker so that when you leave the conference, you will have a personalized plan instead of information overload.

I will also have a team there to walk around to help you strategize and be sure that you are able to implement the things that are being taught. These workshop sessions will also last 45 minutes.

The Mastermind Concept

I’ve known for a long time now that my superpower is putting people together that will work well together. I just have a real sense of people and their personalities and how to match people from different niches who can work together and help each other to grow.

I have seen huge success in matching people up inside my masterminds from different niches who then go on to learn from each other. What I am doing is taking that mastermind concept and putting it into practice in a conference setting. Before you even arrive, I will have created mastermind groups so that you are sitting at tables with your fellow mastermind members for those two days.

One of the reasons for this is so that not only can you ask the speakers questions, but you will have the members of your group to brainstorm with also. Get their perspective and see what is working for them in their business. You will also have the opportunity to help others move their businesses forward with your input.

Making Lasting Relationships

If you have been blogging for any length of time, you know that it can be a pretty lonely business. Sure, there are Facebook groups that you can interact in but that face-to-face piece is crucial for making lasting relationships with other bloggers.

Meeting people face-to-face not only allows you to meet people, but I find that many bloggers make friends that go on to last for years. And it’s a great way to find an accountability partner. You need a tribe of women around you to hold you accountable and to bounce ideas off of to move your business forward.

This is the twofold purpose of Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy – to get those strategies that will help you to grow your business and to meet the women who will help you and hold you accountable to put those strategies into place.

Work with Sponsors

As of this recording, early bird tickets are on sale now for $399. That includes the cocktail cruise, breakfast and lunch for both days, the workbook, and all of the sessions and workshop times.

Now I know what you’re thinking – Jenny is known for pitching and working with brands so what brands are going to be there and what chance will we have for interacting with them? I hear you and you know I won’t let you down.

But let me say first that my goal with this event is to help you scale your business, so the sponsors that will be at the conference will be those sponsors who offer tools to help you move your business forward.

Some of the sponsors attending will be Tailwind, Buy It Live, Grits Designs, and more that you can talk to and find out how to use their product to make your business easier. This will not be the type of conference where you make connections with brands according to your specific niche. You won’t find food brands, DIY brands, or anything like that.

This event is about you and your business, not about who can talk to the most sponsors and what kinds of campaigns you can set up. We will certainly address how to do that and how to pitch the brands but while you are at IEA, I want you to be about your business and how to scale it.

I could not be more excited to see you all in Charlotte for Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy next April. Be sure to go grab your tickets today!

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