? Why Hustle Culture is Toxic & How to Thrive Without it with Emily Thomas

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If you’re an online entrepreneur, chances are you may have subscribed to the hustle culture so prevalent today. In today’s podcast episode, we will talk about why hustle culture is toxic and how you can thrive in business without it. 

IE 251: Why Hustle Culture is Toxic & How to Thrive Without it with Emily Thomas

Why Hustle Culture is Toxic & How to Thrive Without it with Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas is an energetics advisor, swimsuit designer, and business educator. She works with high-level entrepreneurs to help them create a life they love. 

Emily’s background is in medical sales, a work culture that is known for being cut-throat. She was one of only six women in her entire division, and she was expected to set records and break them. And she believed that was how it had to be. Hustle more to be successful. 

She started her swimwear brand, Sundari Swim, when she felt utterly disconnected from herself. Her goal was to build confidence in women who seem to have everything on paper but feel empty inside. 

When her swimsuit models started asking her for help, she stepped into the world of business coaching and consulting. 

“We can hustle all day and be worth a million dollars, but if we don’t feel good, what’s the point?”

Using Energetics in Your Business

When Emily starts working with a new client, she begins by going into the Akashic Records to understand who they are at soul level and what energetic blocks are in place to prevent that client from experiencing Vital Force Energy. 

Using quantum physics, she tunes in to the 5th dimension, which is the soul level. 

Getting to your soul level means she has access to the real you, the you that is before any decisions, choices, or events happen to you. This is who you are, at soul level. 

Once she has this information, she can compare it to the life choices you’ve made and help you understand why you aren’t receiving the energy you need and why you don’t feel fulfilled with your current life.

Your Energetic DNA

For you to operate out of your energy, you have to know and understand your energetic DNA. So, what is energetic DNA?

Each person has unique energetic DNA, just as we each have our own unique biological DNA. And this DNA is your energetic gift. 

Maybe you have the energetic gift of communication, speech, or power. Perhaps you are gifted at making connections or reaching the hearts of others. When Emily meets with you as a client, she gives several examples of how your energetic gifts could play out.

And then, she helps you figure out a path that is right for you, that takes your energetic DNA into account, and that will ultimately be the most fulfilling life for you. 

The 3-Pronged Approach to Changing Your Life

When working with your energetic vibrations, Emily follows a 3-pronged approach which takes into consideration:

  • The Past – any past beliefs and actions that are causing the energy blockages, and clearing those blockages
  • The Present – building consciousness around what’s happening in your life and energy
  • The Future – how to create the results you desire

Creating your ideal future involves learning how to change your energetic vibration. To move and shift your vibration state, you have to take grounded action. 

When Emily finishes a call with a client, that person has actionable steps to begin seeing immediate change in their life. 

How Your Mindset Affects Your Energy

We often talk about mindset on this podcast because mindset is everything. 

When Emily works with her clients, she can show them specific thought patterns that show up repeatedly in their record and are causing them problems. Things like negative beliefs, negative thought patterns, and negative behaviors. 

If you are constantly serving others, but you don’t help yourself, you are actively harming yourself.

Once you understand your unique energetic DNA, you can better see and understand the patterns that have led to you believing that toxic culture is the way to the life you want. 

You also begin to see where your gifts would be better allocated. So if you’re in medical sales, to use Emily’s example of her own life, but you desire a more creative career and lifestyle, you can learn specific steps to get to the life you want.

Are You Overwhelmed in Your Business?

One of the things Emily helps entrepreneurs with is finding the blocks in their business. If you’re struggling to make the income you desire or to have the results you need, you have to understand where those blocks are coming from. 

As the owner of my business, the buck starts and stops with me. If I’m not operating to my full potential, I might start to believe that hustling harder is the way to change the outcomes in my business.

In actuality, I need to understand how my energetic DNA is being used or ignored in my business and how to get to the place where I am doing what I am meant to be doing.

Once my energetic vibrations are aligned with my business, making more money will be the natural result. And overwhelm will be a thing of the past. 

Understanding Your Energy

So how do you go from just doing the day-to-day hustle and beginning to use your energy in a better, more life-giving way?

Emily suggests starting with the next text or email you send. 

Before you hit send, ask yourself what energy you’re writing it with. Are you writing it with love? Angst? Connection? Anxiety?

Ask yourself how you want to come across vs. how you’re writing and sending it. 

How to Thrive Without Hustle Culture in 2022

For years, we’ve been told that hustle and grind is the way to build our businesses. 

  • Things aren’t going well? Hustle harder. 
  • Want more money? Hustle harder. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Hustle harder. 

It’s time to understand that more hustle isn’t going to bring us the life we want. Understanding our energy and how we present ourselves and everything we create is what brings about the changes we need and desire. 

If you’re ready to leave burnout behind, you have to explore your energy. Not only will it increase your success, but it will erase all the overwhelm you feel. 

If you want to start 2022 with your energetic gifts aligned and functioning, go over to Emily’s website and take her quiz. 

Emily is also offering my audience a free 20-minute “Ask Me Anything” session, and you can get more information on that by DM’ing me on Instagram

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