? How to Social Media Detox as a Business Owner

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Understanding the benefits of a social media detox is great, but actually putting into practice how to social media detox is game changing.

IE 296: How to Social Media Detox as a Business Owner

How to Social Media Detox as a Business Owner

In episode 294, Social Media Detox Benefits, we talked about the benefits of a social media detox. 

We also talked about that this isn’t something that needs to be done cold turkey, but is something we should do with insights from our engagement and revenue in mind.

Today we are diving into how to social media detox as a business owner so that we can have those benefits.

Determine which platforms to detox from

It’s important to understand where our people are interacting with us and if it is actually impacting our business.

We need to know if it is showing some ROI so that we can slowly wean ourselves from those platforms or decide that we’re not seeing any benefit anymore from these platforms.

There’s no reason to take the time to actively engage there and to continue to create new content if your people are not using that platform for your content.

Keep those website windows closed

Keep those computer windows closed. 

You do not need to have Facebook or Instagram as one of the windows that are actually open on your computer when you are working.

Minimize your distractions by closing all the windows that you are not using.

Silence all notifications

Silence all notifications on your phone and computer. 

If you are getting notifications from Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Twitter, whatever other apps or websites you use, make sure that they are silenced. 

If they are not already, how you don’t have them silenced already.

Delete those apps from your phone

The next step, if silencing isn’t enough and you need more of a detox to make sure that you are not going into those apps is to delete the apps from your phone entirely.

I’m not telling you to delete your Instagram account or delete your Tik Tok account. 

Instead delete the apps so that while you’re going through this detox, you do not rely on them or unconsciously pick up your phone and go into those social media apps. 

How many times have you done that in the past? 

We want to make sure that you don’t have the ability to do that. 

And by deleting those apps, it will allow that. 

Use detox time for health benefits

The next thing is to use your detox time for health benefits.

Instead of using it to go through social media, meditate, or read a business development book.

Or instead of sitting in the car in the parking lot waiting for your child to come out of their activity, go for a walk around the parking lot and down the road. 

Or instead of just sitting in the car for an hour and a half, go get a pedicure.

Do something that doesn’t involve mindlessly scrolling.

Train someone to take over the platform

Another great way to use this time is to train someone else to take over the platforms. 

We talked about the fact that many of you rely on social media. 

I am not telling you to just go completely cold turkey and never use these apps or platforms again. 

Instead think about how you could potentially train someone.

Create those SOPs and put them in place

Having that SOP in place is going to make it that much easier whether you are looking to hire someone potentially full-time or part-time, or even if you bring on your 16 year old daughter’s best friend. 

This way you don’t have to take a step away from social media within your business, just personally.

Have clear communication with team members

In order to make the social media detox beneficial and work for you as the business owner, you have to have clear communication with team members. 

Whether this is just a virtual assistant that you are bringing on to take over certain aspects of social media, or if you have a team that is taking over for you. 

Having that clear communication is going to help as you do this detox, because you are doing this detox for the mental health benefits for yourself and for your family.

And as we are spending more and more time home with our kids over the summer, potentially if you have little ones at home, even during the school year, It’s important that you’re not getting triggered. 

We talked all about the benefits of a social media detox so figuring out a way to be able to get those benefits for yourself is going to be important.

Action Steps:

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