? How to Sell to Your Email List Without Sounding Money Hungry with Kate Doster

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Are you afraid to sell to your email list? Are you worried about sounding money-hungry? 

IE 208: How to Sell to Your Email List without Sounding Money Hungry with Kate Doster

How to Sell to Your Email List without Sounding Money Hungry with Kate Dorster

Kate Doster is on the podcast today with the best tips for making sure you are sending offers to the right people, and not holding out on people who are interested in what you have to offer. 

Kate will help you feel confident in sending email sales sequences, no matter how many subscribers you have. 

Helping Ethical Entrepreneurs

Kate Doster is the owner of Kate Doster and is the host of the Inbox Besties podcast

Her mission is to get money into the hands of good people so they can do good with it. Ethical entrepreneurs tend to clam up when it comes to selling or emailing their list. It all comes down to their mindset about selling. 

Kate has a background in copywriting. She loved writing email sequences because she loved the personal connection that could be created through an email. 

Get In Front of The Right People 

The most important thing when it comes to growing your list is to make sure you are growing your list with the right people. If you are a vegan food blogger, but you have a lot of meat-eaters on your list, they won’t be interested in what you are sharing. You won’t be serving them well. 

Being on your email list is a privilege that you want to share with the right people. 

You want to have a freebie that will answer a “yeah, but” question. This will target the people who are interested and serious about your niche. Once the freebie is created, you just have to get it in front of the right people. 

You can do this through ads or through collaboration. Explosive list growth only comes through bravery. You have to be willing to reach out to other entrepreneurs and ask to collaborate through a summit, a podcast, or the option of sharing opt-ins for each other. 

Do something out of your comfort zone. 

Treat Your Work Like Louis Vuitton

Not everyone on your list will buy from you. There is nothing wrong with you for wanting to provide them the option to succeed, whether they take that option or not. 

You treat the things you spent money on with respect. A purse from Target won’t be treated the same as a Coach or Louis Vuitton bag. People will work harder and be more invested when they’ve paid for something. 

This is why you can’t give away your best work for free. 

People will not perform as well if they aren’t paying. If you truly want to help your audience, you have to give them the boost they need by charging what your course is worth. 

Be Excited About What You Have to Offer

When you are selling something, you have to make it about the person you’re targeting. 

You want to bring attention to all the struggles they’ve been through, what they will be able to accomplish, and how your course/product will help them. 

Be more excited for your person. Be excited about what your product or course can do for them. 

Don’t act like you have something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. You want your product or course to be exciting and enticing to your person. 

Your Name Matters More Than Your Subject Line

The number one factor in getting your emails opened is your name. 

If your friend sent you an email, you would open it regardless of the subject line because it’s your friend. Creating that relationship/friendship by having a freebie or a welcome sequence of emails will help your reader feel like they know you and they will want to hear more from you. 

You want to infuse your personality and your wealth of knowledge into your brand so that people want to hear from you because they know that you know what you are talking about. 

Once your readers know your name, they will open up your emails regardless of the subject line. Show off your personality and create subject lines that cause some curiosity for those that don’t know your name yet. 

An Email Sales Sequence

There are some people who will buy from you in the first email you send out about your product. You can share a little bit about the product and how it will serve them and they will buy. 

Then there will be people on your list who are fact-finders. In your next email in your sales sequence, you can go over things like the FAQ about the product, case studies about the product, etc. 

Towards the end of your email sequence will be the readers who just don’t trust themselves to get results with your product or course. You need to be thinking about what they will be self-conscious about and address those things in a kind way. 

Link, Link, Link 

In your sales emails, you don’t have to limit it to only one button or link to your sales page. You can link to it every single time you mention the program’s name. 

The only time you will have any issues with the spam filter is if you’re linking to seven different pages in one email. As long as you’re linking to the same page over and over again, you will be fine. 

Highlight any paragraphs that your people will be really interested in and make sure you have your link there. 

Send Your Emails

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to your email list is never sending an email. If you don’t talk to them, your subscribers won’t buy from you. You have to be emailing them in order to actually form that relationship with them. 

You don’t need to wait till you have a magic number to sell to your email list. Having 100 or 1,000 subscribers doesn’t automatically make you more able to sell. 

The more of the right people you have, the more sales you can expect to make. But that doesn’t mean you cannot tell the number of people you have right now about what you have to offer. 

Experiment With Your List

If you decide to run a promotion, and you email your readers on a different day than usual, they will open it because they will know it is important. 

You can experiment with how often you email your list. Let them know that you plan to change things up and email them twice a week instead of just once. See how it goes. You can always adjust as you see what works for you and your readers give you feedback. 

Give your readers a chance. 

Not everyone will read all of your emails, so you want to make sure you share with them about your offers multiple times so that they have the opportunity to take advantage of it. 

Getting Email Help From Kate

If you are not sure what kind of freebie you should create in order to get the right people on your list, you can check out Kate’s freebie where she answers all the questions you have about creating that freebie. 

If you already have the right people on your email list but need help knowing what you write about, Kate has 2 years’ worth of strategically planned email ideas. It’ll get your brain going like nothing else.  

Make sure you check out Kate’s podcast, Inbox Besties, and follow her on Instagram.

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