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IE 377: How to Sell Digital Products Online with Email

How to Sell Digital Products Online with Email

Digital products can be a consistent and significant part of your income as an influencer. In this episode, Becky Beach teaches us how to sell digital products online with email.

Becky Beach is the owner of MomBeach.com, a blog for moms to help them make and save money. She also talks about parenting topics and has a printable store. 

She sells courses, financial spreadsheets, and other things that add about $15,000 of income per month. She uses her blog to drive traffic to her printable store.

How do you build an email list to sell digital products?

The easiest way to start building a list is to create a printable to entice people to sign up for your list. When Becky first started, she had a freebie that was for “tips and tricks…” 

She found that when she changed her opt-in to something digital that people could download instantly and get a quick win it did better. 

 What should sales emails consist of in order to sell your digital products?

We are assuming that you have grown your list and have people on it. 

Becky has a format called “Nurture, Nurture, Sell.” She sends three emails a week. The first and second ones are nurture emails that provide helpful tips that moms can use in their lives. 

At the end of every email, she adds a footnote (or PS) that people can save 25% at her store. 

In her Friday email, she makes an offer to sell something. She shares about a product and gives them a coupon and the link to purchase the product along with her Call to Action (CTA). 

Her Shopify store has upsells to help her sell her products. 

Many people miss the CTA piece of marketing. They give content, send people to their blog, and then forget that they have a product that connects to their content. It is important to talk about that and let people know.

How often should you email your list about your digital products?

At first, Becky emailed her list only once per week because she dreaded emailing her list. They were not buying anything and it was upsetting. 

She was giving out freebies so people could see the quality of her work. Even then, people were not purchasing the products she was selling. 

When Becky noticed another mom blogger was emailing daily, she started to email her list more often. She increased her emails to three times weekly. 

The result was that once she started emailing more, people started buying more. That puts your product at the forefront of your reader’s mind. 

If you are only emailing once a week, you can look at your open rate and click-through rate to see that it isn’t enough.

Should there be automated sales sequences that sell your digital products?

When people first sign up for Becky’s list, she gives them a coupon and advertises her membership through a three-day sequence. She gives some freebies away so people can see the quality of her work. 

Automated sequences can make it so much easier. Becky and Jenny both use ConvertKit as their email service provider, which has the capability of using an email sequence. 

Becky has added another sequence that goes to buyers in her Shopify. Upselling in this way can be an effective part of your sales funnel. 

People think a sales funnel is complicated when it is really just taking your customers on a journey to show them that you have the products and services to solve their problems.

 Are there specific calls to action that work well in emails that sell your digital products?

Becky outlines the benefits and the features of the product that will create a transformation. People want to buy something that will give them a quick win. 

How is the product going to improve their life? While great designs are good, people need to know how functional the product is and how it will transform their lives along with the ease of use.

 The button Becky uses is “Get It Now” since it is immediately downloadable for instant gratification.

What are some examples of the printables you have and things others can create?

Becky has a “Mom’s Life Made Easy” planner to help moms get organized. She has a budgeting planner and debt snowball spreadsheet to help you track and pay off debt. 

Each of those products has its own separate pain point and those are included in the email to point people back to the product. 

If you are a pregnancy blogger, you could create a pregnancy tracker that describes what is happening with the pregnancy and in your body. 

You want to create things that people can immediately download and start using to get a quick win.

How to Launch Your First Digital Product

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