? How to Increase Foot Traffic Online with Stacy Tuschl

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If you have an online business, you need customers in order to be successful. If you owned a brick and mortar business, you would be working to increase foot traffic, and that’s exactly what you need for your online business, as well. 

IE 194: How to Increase Foot Traffic Online with Stacy Tuschl

How to Increase Foot Traffic Online with Stacy Tuschl

In today’s episode, I am chatting with Stacy Tuschl about how to increase foot traffic online. 

Stacy Tuschl has been an entrepreneur for 18 years and has two performing arts academies in Milwaukee, WI. Stacy calls herself an “accidental entrepreneur” but her career path was totally meant to be. 

She started a competitive dance team in her parents’ backyard when she was 18 years old. She started out with 17 kids and that snowballed into 100 kids within 3 years’ time.  She grew up in an entrepreneurial family and her parents encouraged her in her business efforts. 

Five years ago, Stacy started teaching others how she grew her businesses. Because her business now has 50 employees, Stacy is able to work from home instead of going to a studio. She loves to teach others how to be a wife, mom, and still run an effective and growing business. 

What Is Foot Traffic? 

Foot traffic is customers coming in the door. Online, it’s a virtual door. Foot traffic is how much traffic you are getting from your customer flow. 

Stacy has grown an in-person dance studio as well as an online business. There are so many similarities between growing the two different businesses. Stacy came into it thinking they would be so different but has been shocked by how similar they are. 

Business is business. It doesn’t matter if you are selling physical products, are in an MLM, have a digital course, etc. If you have a customer who wants something and you have a solution, the marketing is the same. 

The method isn’t changing, the platform and tools are just evolving. Instead of using yellow pages ads, you might be using Facebook ads. 

The S.W.O.T. Analysis

Stacy’s funnel for both her dance academies and her online foot traffic business looks like Instagram and Facebook ads that lead to a landing page. This gets them to a freebie. 

Price points and the speed of transactions can happen differently between brick and mortar and online businesses, but the marketing is still the same. 

In order to get the people in, you have to know what makes you different. You and a thousand other people are all selling the same product online. 

You have to know what sets you apart and what will make people want to work with you as opposed to all the other businesses online that are similar to yours. 

Stacy teaches that you need to do a S.W.O.T. analysis. This stands for:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

After you do this analysis on yourself and your business, pick your top 5 competitors and do the analysis on their business. 

Once you do these analyses, you can make changes when it comes to your ads and how you target your ideal client. 

The Three Pillars of Foot Traffic 

In Stacy’s Foot Traffic Formula there are three main pillars: 

  • Traffic (your organic or promoted ads)  
  • Touch  (capturing names and emails, engaging with the potential client)
  • Transaction (reaching a sale/conversion) 

Stacy learned all these pieces separately. It’s important that they go together in order to have your pipeline and funnel work effectively. Just having one piece working well is a waste of time. 

You have to have all the pieces in order to get people to your content or product and convert them to sales. 

You can have 500,000 followers and only 1,400 people who are actually seeing your content. If you’re not making sure those 1,400 people are actually getting into your funnel, you are not being effective in your business.

Growing Your Business in a Pandemic

Stacy is a wife and a mom to a 5 and a 7-year-old. There are so many things that women have to focus on right now, with businesses, partners, and children, especially if your kids are virtual learning at home. 

We don’t know what the future holds. You have to figure out a schedule and a routine. 

Decide when you will have time to do what you need to do. Maybe that means you need to wake up an hour earlier. You might have to make sacrifices in this particular season in order to achieve your goals. 

This is temporary. Be grateful for the opportunities you have in this season. You don’t have to give up on your business while your kids are at home. 

Come up with a plan that will help you prioritize what is important to you and your family. 

You can listen to Stacy’s podcast where she has over 400 episodes, and follow her on Instagram. 

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