? Bundle Giveaway: How to Host One for Epic List Growth

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IE 293: Bundle Giveaway: How to Host One for Epic List Growth with Cate Brubaker

Bundle Giveaway: How to host one for epic list growth with Cate Brubaker

Our guest’s name today is Cate Brubaker. She runs a blog by the name of International Dessert Blog, where she shares sweet and savory recipes from Europe and beyond. 

Cate has been blogging, selling products, and running summits for around 10 years.

What does a bundle giveaway consist of?

With bundle giveaways, what you need to have is a paid product that you’re willing to give away to your audience and to other people’s audience for a period of time, like three to five days.

Then you go find other bloggers who also have paid products, ideally around a similar price range, and you invite them to bundle all of your products together.

You then offer them all for free during that specific period of time.

How do you decide who and what to include in the giveaway?

The first time that Cate did a free bundle she was really open to who participated because she wasn’t really sure who would want to be a part of it or how it would work.

She called her bundle the “fresh start”, a bundle for cooking and baking, because she knew her product would fit in there, she would make sure the people joining would have products that would go along with her bundle.

Then she put a note out on a facebook group that she was in and told everyone in the group that she wanted to do this bundle to build her list and asked if anyone was interested.

Some people in the group said they were interested, then she started asking other people, if they said they were interested she would ask if they could recommend anyone else for her to ask.

Then she did that over a period of time around 3 or 4 weeks, where she got about 10 people to be a part of the bundle.

Next time she wants to be a bit more intentional about it.

Meaning that she wants to make her next bundle an annual thing and focusing it more specifically on people who have baking or dessert related products.

Cate is curious to see if making it more focused on that, what the results would be compared to the results she got from a general bundle.

How are the products in the bundle giveaway delivered?

What she did was she created a landing page and highlighted all of the products and all the people in the bundle.

Then she had people sign up for free to access the download page.

Once they signed up, it was her responsibility to send them all of the information, encourage them to go to the download page and make sure it worked.

Then they would have access to the download page which had information and links to everybody’s product.

The thing with these free bundles is that you don’t want to just have everybody sign up, so that the people who are part of your bundle get the email addresses.

You don’t want to just give everybody’s email address to everybody that signed up, because nobody wants that many emails.

You want to set up the download page so that people can very easily choose the products that they want to sign up for.

The upside is that you might not get as many people signing up overall, but the people who do sign up really want the products and are more likely to stay on your list.

How do you keep everything organized when hosting the bundle giveaway?

Cate keeps her entire life organized in Air Table.

She created an Air Table base she had and used Air table, Canva and Google Docs to stay organized.

In this Air table she created a form for all of her participants, all the people contributing their products and had them fill out that form so that she had all of their contact information in one place.

This was so that she didn’t have to constantly go back to her email trying to find what she needed.

She had all of the images of her products as well, so that she could easily go there and get what she needed.

She also uses Google Docs and she puts all of the swipe copy that she wrote for participants and all of the promo images into the timeline.

She uses Canva, and puts everything nicely organized in a folder.

Cate recommends that you stay organized because that’s what makes everything go so smoothly.

It’s very easy for bundles to get disorganized, which is why it’s so important to stay organized throughout the experience.

What is the incentive for the participants as compared to the host of the bundle giveaway?

For the participants it’s a great way to build their email list, some participants also have had an upsell and have made money.

And some were just happy to be adding to their email list and getting people into their funnels.

Another reason is that it’s a really great way to connect with other bloggers, Cate actually talked to a lot of the people that participated in the bundle.

If you want to run a bundle, it’s a good idea to participate in one first so that you can see how things run on the backend and get your feet wet.

You have a checklist on ways to streamline hosting a bundle giveaway.  Can you tell me more about it? 

Cate created a checklist that gives you an overview of the things that you need to do, so that you have the big picture before you start.

She jumped into doing a free bundle because she knew how to do it and could easily put it together.

But if you’re starting from scratch and  you’ve never done it before, it can be helpful to have a brief guide.

That is exactly what Cate is offering as a free download.

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