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 IE 340: Maximizing Your Blog Writing with AI

Maximizing Your Blog Writing with AI

I know that blog writing with AI is something that a lot of bloggers are struggling with. We hear AI and we feel like we lose our creativity. We don’t get the opportunity to still have our own voice.

That is not actually the truth of the matter. I’m not going to tell you that you need to use AI and create an entire blog post.

Instead, I want you to look at how you can improve your blog writing with AI by increasing the speed of your process and getting the creative juices going faster and moving further along.

What is AI-powered writing, and how does it work for blogging?

AI-powered writing takes place in a tool like ChatGPT or Jasper where you ask specific questions or prompts in order to create content.

There are lots of ways that you can use AI, even outside of blog writing.

You can use it to write code.

You can use it in order to create video.

You can use it in order to create YouTube scripts and podcast episodes.

There’s multiple ways that you can use AI beyond blog writing, but for the purpose of this episode, we’re going to stick to the lane of blogging.

How can AI help bloggers with their writing process?

AI within the writing process needs to start as a brainstorming tool.

You need to start with keyword research using a tool like KeySearch or Keywords Everywhere, or SEMrush or Ahrefs.

You need to start there so that you understand what your audience is actually searching for when they are looking to solve their problem.

Once you have your keyword, go to your AI writing tool and ask it what questions are being asked about that keyword.

AI will generate the questions being asked and you can then answer those questions within your content.

You can also use AI in order to formulate those questions and then based on those questions, create an outline for the blog post.

You can also use the AI tool to help you generate a title for the article and the meta description.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using AI for blog writing?

The great thing about AI is that once you start using it, it starts to figure out what topics you are actually researching.

For example, let’s take a homesteader.

If a homesteader went in and started typing in things about gardening, it is likely that the gardening material will not be meant necessarily for a homesteading audience.

It could be meant for an urban audience that is looking to grow a small herb garden.

So it’s important that as you provide it with more information, it’s going to refine its process and instead of it turning into an urban garden answers, it would then figure out, she’s talking about homesteading, she’s talking about sustainable living.

The AI tool will get smarter as you continue to use it and refine your searches.

The biggest drawback with an AI tool is that it does not pull the past two years worth of content.

Therefore, anything new and trending in the last two years it will not have the most relevant, up to date information.

The important piece to remember when it comes to using AI tools with blog writing, is that you know your audience and their journey best.

How do I balance using AI with maintaining my own unique voice and style in my blog writing?

The last piece that I want to address is to remember that AI is just a tool.

It is not your voice.

You always want your voice to come through in your content because that is what people are going to connect with.

If you are taking the content and putting it into AI and using the AI content in entirety it will not sound like youl

It loses your voice.

It loses the examples that you would give.

You want to make sure that you are taking the AI blog writing and editing it and putting it in your voice, which is why I didn’t stay to create a blog post using AI.

What I’m telling you to do is to start to get those creative juices going, to get an outline, to understand the questions that are being asked so you can then use your expertise, use your knowledge, and make sure that you are focusing on your target audience and answering their questions.

No one has your voice, and that has to come across in your writing.

When your unique voice comes across in the content that you are writing, that’s where your audience is going to connect.

So when you use this tool, make sure that you are always going back and putting your voice into it.

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