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We all think that time management is impacting our productivity, but what if I told you that you can be more productive with anti-time management?

IE 315: Anti-Time Management with Richie Norton

Anti-Time Management with Richie Norton

Today we have a special guest, Richie Norton, Richie has a company called Proud Products, you’re proud of where they make over a hundred different products at any given time.

Proud Products makes products for companies but also for influencers and entrepreneurs.

Anyone who really wants something, they’ll package, ship, warehouse, and fulfill it.

Where did the concept of anti-time management come from?

Richie did a ton of research and found that time management isn’t what we thought it was and that it actually has a dark history.

Anyone who has a full calendar and feels like they’ve got nothing done should understand that this is a problem.

But Richie didn’t, he wasn’t trying to discover or unhinge time management or being organized, he was really just trying to experience life.

We’ve been taught for many generations that one day when we work after we work really hard, we will retire.

Then in retirement we’ll finally be able to do everything we want to do, so you’re thinking about your life choices and what’s going to happen.

In Richie’s future he saw becoming self-reliant, making his money, doing his thing, going to college, getting married, having kids and then one day going back and serving the world and people in other countries.

Those were Richie’s big aspirations, he thought if I had ideas now why can’t I just do them now?

Why would I negatively impact three generations, not just out there, he’s not just trying to save everyone but also his own family.

After going through something tragic, Richie started to look at the world through this lens, what are we doing? How are we managing our time?

And how come everything on the bullet list of things to do aren’t necessarily the same things that actually need to get done.

Why are we prioritizing tasks over family time, over freedom of flexibility, over autonomy, over agility, vacations, etc. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

So anti-time management addresses those things and has helped many other people, not only to be super productive and organized in a better way and stop managing their time, they start prioritizing their attention.

The idea is to not time your values but to value your time and that changes everything.

What exactly is time tipping and how does it work?

Under anti-time management there’s a process called time-tipping, and there’s a whole framework of people called time-tippers.

Time-tippers treat time the way Marie Condo might treat clothes and closets in organizing.

You’re getting rid of the things that have served you and you’re creating more space for the things that might continue to serve you or new things that you might want to have come into your life.

You can’t expect to have a life lived on value, you can’t expect to say, I have priorities, one day I’ll live them and say “I have a life that was prioritized”.

So if you think about it a little more literally, if we really took our values and baked them in from the start, they would grow with you throughout your life.

They would expand and time is so elusive but if you think about it as health and you want to be healthy.

If you want more time later you need to discover how to create more time now because then you move the bottlenecks and you live your values from the start.

You create different types of positive constraints that allow you to think differently.

How can bloggers that are working part time because of a full time job or due to younger kids being home use anti-time management the best?

What’s the job of your goal? Because you have to move beyond the goal, so whatever job you have, which could be a parent, it could also be your profession.  

Whatever it is, we all have these goals but goals from experience are tasks, they’re not goals anymore because you’ve done it before.

Goals outside of experience are growth, so inherently someone who sets a “real goal” should understand that they don’t know how to do it and that’s on purpose.

So when you identify the purpose of what you’re doing, there are a million ways to do it.

What people have to do with it is to recognize that you chose the consequence of the job already and you did that on purpose.

You chose that, so it’s not by saying this, you stop blaming things and recognize what’s inside your control and what’s outside of your control.

Once you do that, then you can decide what’s the goal of the goal, what’s the real purpose that I’m doing that and come up with better ways.

One of the simple tools you can use is called EWDO, Eliminate, delegate, and outsource.

If you take a piece of paper and fold it in half, and on the left side youn write down everything professionally.

Like the people in your life, everything you do from day to day, everything you’ll see on one sheet of paper of your entire life.

Then look at your list and decide what the things are on the list that you actually want to do, then write that on the right side of the paper.

You’ll see how imbalanced your life is, and this is why your energy is being taken away, if you’re spending 80%  of your time on things you feel like you have to do and only 20% on things you like to do.

But if you eliminate, delegate and outsource the things that you have to get done but you don’t want to do, in theory you’re not solving the problem yet.

Your life would be balanced.


Anti-Time Management is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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