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"Prior to taking Pitch Perfect Pro I only made a couple hundred dollars on a post. I now make over $1,000 per post because of the techniques taught in the course. I have even worked with one brand for a contract worth over $5,000. Plus, as a member of the Gold program, I get individualized attention for my business because Jenny is fully vested in helping you achieve your business goals." - Chellie Schmitz of Art From My Table

What's the big deal with Silver & Gold?

Only the Silver and Gold include access to expert trainings that will put you on the express track to growing your influence and your brand. These trainings are NOT limited to working with brands, instead they help you tackle and solve every obastacle that impacts your business!

Silver Membership - Silver includes my weekly LIVE trainings on strategies that will move your business forward. These strategies include list growth, engagement, social media tactics, networking and more. You'll also be included in the monthly Group Q & A calls facilitated via Zoom Video Chat, so you get personal attention to any questions you're struggling with. Finally, Silver (and Gold) Members get Monthly Expert Training from a master influencer on topics like SEO, Videography, Facebook Marketing and more!  

Gold Membership - The Gold Membership includes everything you get with the Silver membership. PLUS, a private monthly coaching call with me (via Skype). These 15-minute one-on-ones are intensely focused to motivate you, help you strategize and provide that extra bit of accountability that makes BIG change a rapid reality!