May 1st-5th, 2023

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Kickstart Major Growth for Your Business

Are you overwhelmed with #ALLTHETHINGS to get your business to the next level? 

Is "analysis paralysis" holding your business hostage?

Could you use some serious accountability to get your income growing and flowing in the right direction (fast!)? 

Are you looking for that tribe of women that you can go to for support and the honest to goodness truth?!

Then don't miss Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy!  

Listen, I know how crazy hard it is to decide which of the million-and-one things on your to-do list will move your business forward (and pray...hard...that you don't end up making the wrong move and wasting precious time). 

I know because I've been there. 

In fact, I still have that endless list for my coaching business...but I've figured out a thing or two in my 10 years as a successful entrepreneur and I won't hold back on sharing all the good stuff at Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy.  

So, what exactly IS Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy? 

Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy virtually brings female entrepreneurs together that are looking to grow their blog into the thriving business that they've always dreamed of.

This 5 day virtual event focuses on topics delivered by experts in their industry so that attendees can then put the strategies into practice.

There are 4 tracks all meant to help a blogger or influencer grow their business:

  • Mastering Productivity
  • Mindset
  • Marketing
  • Monetization 

After IEA, participants will leave with connections, inspiration and strategies to actually put in place within their business.

Here's what you're in for at Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy...

  • Expert guidance from myself and industry experts so you know exactly what your next business steps are 
  • 21 Specialized speakers that will present within their area of expertise and be live via chat to answer your questions
  • Accountability to keep you moving forward even after the excitement of the event wears off
  • Prizes and challenges to keep you motivated to soak up as much information as possible
  • A close-knit supportive network of women who challenge, celebrate and encourage one another

IEA is like rocket-fuel for your business! Grab your ticket today and get ready to GROW!

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Meet the Expert Speakers

Jenny Melrose

Monica Froese

Nadalie Bardo

Jessica Evans

Melody Johnson

Madison Wetherill

Cora Williams

Sherry Smothermon-Short

Amira Irfan

Sasha Hutchison

Danielle Desir Corbett

Liz Stapleton

Cousett Hoover

Amanda Warfield

Lucrezia Iapichino

Nicole Baker

Theresa Forever

Mariah Liszewski

Stephanie Burke

Cara Harvey

Sonia Motwani


All Presentations are in EST Time Zone.

Monday, May 1st - Mastering Productivity

9:00 - #1 Way to Get the Most Out of Your Day - Jenny Melrose (live via Zoom)

10:00 - Managing Your Time to Hustle Less - Cara Harvey

11:00 - 7 Secrets To Free Your Time - Cousett Hoover

12:00 - S.O.P.s…..The Foundations- Cora Williams

1:00 - How to Legally Protect Your Digital Products - Amira Irfan

2:00 - How to Protect Your Affiliate Marketing Income (and Program) - Liz Stapleton

Tuesday, May 2nd - Mindset

9:00 - 3 Secrets to Beating Imposter Syndrome - Jenny Melrose (live via zoom)

10:00 - Mastering Mindset - Stephanie Burke (live via zoom)

11:00 - Potent Business Decisions - Sonia Motwani

12:00 - What's Cool (and not so cool) About Google Analytics 4 - Sherry Smothermon-Short

1:00 - Your Most Powerful Tool when Starting and Scaling Your Business - Nicole Baker

2:00 - Creating A Mindset That Will Allow You To Push Through Fear And Achieve Your Dreams - Jessica Evans

Wednesday, May 3rd - ALL Access & Premium Members ONLY

10:00 - Blogging Growth Strategies Panel - Madison Wetherill, Darrell from Pro Podcast Solutions

11:00 - The Importance of Setting Goals for Success Panel - Cousett Hoover, Stephanie Burke

12:00 - Group Strategy Coaching Session - Jenny Melrose

1:00 - What you Need for Your Next Lucrative Product Panel - Sasha Hutchison, Monica Froese

Thursday, May 4th - Marketing

9:00 - How to Blog like a Pro - Jenny Melrose (live via zoom)

10:00 - Are sales funnels holding you back? - Monica Froese

11:00 - Create Content That is Aligned with Your Business Goals (In 5 Simple Steps) - Amanda Warfield

12:00 - How to Grow Your Email List Without Breaking the Law - Lucrezia Iapichino

1:00 - The Crazy Simple Way to Get Lots of Pinterest Traffic in 2023 - Nadalie Bardo

2:00 - Demystifying SEO: How to Start Getting Traffic from Search Engines - Mariah Liszewski

Friday, May 5th - Monetization

9:00 - Attract Your Dream Sponsors without Selling Out - Jenny Melrose (live via zoom)

10:00 - 3 Easy Ways to Convert Your Course into a Membership And Why It Makes Sense - Melody Johnson

11:00 - How To Stand Out To Brands & Secure Lucrative Podcast Sponsorships - Danielle Desir Corbett

12:00 - Website Mistakes that are Killing Your Traffic - Madison Wetherill

1:00 - Master The Skill of Making $1,000/week - Theresa Forever

2:00 - How to Use Commercial Use Templates (PLR) to Scale Your Etsy Shop Quickly - Sasha Hutchison

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All Access Pass

We don't want you to miss a single training, but we know you're busy which is why we want you to be able to watch all of them over and over again. After all the trainings we want you to be able to get your specific questions answered, which is why we're offering both panels live via zoom.

  • Lifetime & immediate access to all trainings ($47 value)
  • 3 live panels via zoom with industry experts in Product Creation & Blogging for Growth ($197 value)
  • 60 minute group coaching session live via zoom with Jenny ($97 value)
  • Premium course materials from speakers ($1,282 value)

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Premium Access Pass

There's nothing quite like being in a group coaching session with Jenny. She answers your specific questions while digging deeper into your business without you even realizing you needed to improve that part of your business. There's also so much more that we'd like to cover during the summit but can't. Thanks to the expert speakers you're getting over $1,200 in courses all included in your pass.

  • Lifetime & immediate access to all trainings ($47 value)
  • 3 live panels via zoom with industry experts in Product Creation & Blogging for Growth ($197 value)
  • 60 minute group coaching session live via zoom with Jenny ($97 value)
  • Premium course materials from speakers ($1,143 value)

Total Value $1,484

Your Price 197

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Still have Questions?

These FAQs might help!

When is IEA? 

A: IEA is May 1st-5th 2023 and is held virtually.

What if I can't attend the sessions live?

A: Every session will be available for free for 24 hours. You do have the option to upgrade to the All access or Premium Access Pass which will give you lifetime access of the trainings.

How do I attend the panels? 

A: There are three panels being held Wednesday, May 3rd. They are at 10am EST, 11am EST and the other is at 1pm EST. In order to attend, you need to purchase the All Access or Premium Pass. You will be sent a zoom link to attend the panel live. You can choose to have your camera on or not. Jenny would love it if your camera is on though.

Why would I purchase the Premium Access Pass? 

A: Jenny's group coaching sessions are like nothing you've ever attended before. You hop on with her and the other premium attendees for a deep dive of your business for 60 minutes. Be prepared to learn things about your business that you didn't even know you needed to know about. Plus, you're also receiving over $1,282 in courses from the expert speakers. These are their paid products!

How do I get an All Access or Premium Pass?

A: Just click HERE and choose the right pass for you!

You don't have to go it alone! Let's kiss the overwhelm goodbye and crush some income goals - together!

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I am a former reading specialist who “retired” from my teaching career when my blogging income far exceeded my salary. Through hard work and dedication, my lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee, and many more.

I am a content strategist that helps entrepreneurs better understand their messaging and unique position in the online space. 

Now, I'm combining my passion for teaching with my extensive experience of creating strategic content for online business owners via and my podcast, Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose as well as my first book Influencer Entrepreneurs: The 4-Step Framework to Building Your Audience, Growing Your Business, and Making More Money Online.

We are so grateful for our amazing Sponsors and Speakers. For information about sponsoring our event please check HERE and check out our schedule HERE.

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