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The Ultimate Resource for Treating Your Blog like a Business.

Are you ready to...

  • Set up a blogging business that supports you and your family financially?  
  • Bring in a full-time income from your blog?  
  • Have MORE free-time to spend with your family and friends?  
  • Fill your editorial calendar months in advance, so that you're not wasting time and constantly working?  
  • Have complete control over when and what you'll spend your time creating?  

Then you're ready to become a Blogging Business Pro

Let me in!

Learn how to attract your ideal audience, WOW your people and skyrocket your income...

I know that sounds like a big promise, but I can make it because it's 100% true.

But, the best path? Really??  


Better than paying for ads? 


Better than solely using social media? 


Years ago, I was exhausting myself coming up with new content because I was starting from scratch every time.

Nothing I was doing was strategic. 

I loved blogging, but I was also STRESSED OUT.

My family wasn't happy with how much time my "little hobby" was taking, and I had to keep up with my "real" job...Sound familiar? 

You don't have to make the same mistake I made...

I knew the potential was there, but here was my big mistake...

I was creating content based on a whim! There was no strategy involved! 

Don't get me wrong, creativity is important, but if it's not done with an end goal in mind, it will take much longer to succeed.

It meant chasing trends...and when Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or any other platform changed their traffic (and income) took a major nosedive.

I just couldn't count on my blog to bring in consistent income.  

The proven way to work LESS and Make MORE

I decided to stop creating content willy nilly and strategically create content that solved a problem for my target audience.

My whole world changed. (Ok, that's a little too dramatic, but what happened next seemed pretty amazing.)

I put together a system with everything I would need. 

A system for...

  • knocking out the tech to make my site run at top speed 
  • positioning myself as the go-to person to solve their problems
  • choosing a niche that I could show my expertise in
  • knowing my purpose for my blog so that I could stay in my lane
  • setting goals for my blog so that shiny object syndrome was no longer a problem
  • keyword researching and creating blog posts that ranked for SEO
  • growing an email list with my ideal audience of buyers
  • analyzing the data so that I knew what was working and what needed to get tweaked

And, a whole lot more! 

I know it might sound like a lot, but the system made it so simple! 

I stopped throwing spaghetti against the wall and strategically created content for my target audience of buyers!

All you need is the right guidance and it's all right here in Blogging Business Pro, backed with my personal 30-day Money Back Guarantee. 

So, pick the plan that works for you and let's start ramping up your income!

The 6 Critical Steps to Running a Blogging Business;

Here's what you'll learn in Blogging Business Pro...

Module 1 - Introduction to Blogging. Learn how to think and confidently manage your blog like a successful business.  

Module 2 - Setting Up Your Blog. The essential tools and building blocks for setting up your blog to run like a business from the start. No more struggling and wasting time on the technology piece of blogging.

Module 3 - Creating Content for Your Blog. More has to go into creating content than a creative whim. Learn how to strategically create content for your target audience so that your content ranks with Google and keeps your audience coming back for more.

Module 4 - Growing Your Blog. You can't assume that if you build it, they will come. You'll learn how to build a community through strategies and platforms based on where your audience is and make sure that it's something you can control for a long time.

Module 5 - Blogging Techniques. How to create content that gets found by your ideal audience with an end goal in mind for how you plan to monetize as you can scale and grow.

Module 6 - Developing a Plan to Continue to Grow. The ability to grow a blog is constantly expanding and needs to depend upon your overall mission and goals using data to make informed decisions.

Upgrade Your Experience with the All Access Pass

We know that there is a lot to learn in the online world and pitching brands and landing sponsorships is just one of them, which is why we created the Influencer Entrepreneurs Insiders All Access Pass.

With the All Access Pass you get access to all of Jenny's trainings and courses, which get updated monthly so that you stay on top of the changes in the digital space. The All Access Pass gives you the accountability and personalized attention to grow and scale your business.

Individual Course vs All Access Pass

Blogging Business Pro

$197 one time payment

Enroll Me!

Best for those that want long term access to course curriculum and want a more independent approach.


  • Lifetime access to Blogging Business Pro

All Access Pass

$597 per year

Learn More

Best for those who want more accountability and want to grow all facets of their business.


  • Access to IE Insiders entire course curriculum (4 courses, 10 workshops, 36 live trainings)
  • Insiders community group of like minded entrepreneurs
  • Monthly group coaching with Jenny via Zoom
  • Trainings designed for what is impacting our industry today
  • Monthly training by industry experts based on requested materials

Still have questions?

These FAQs might help!

How long is the course? 

A: There are three hours worth of content to watch or listen to. 

How fast will I see results?

A: Within 3 months you should easily be able to have your blog set up as a business.

How much can I really make each month? 

A: That depends on how consistently you are able to create content and put the techniques into practice, but I consistently made 5 figures a month as do many of my students.

Is this all recordings?

A: There are six video modules with 3-4 videos per module, as well as interactive spreadsheets and pdfs. Additionally, you can choose a plan that offers personal assistance and guidance every step of the way!

How many of your students are successful?

A: The ones who follow my process are 100% successful.

You don't have to wait any longer! Let's smash your roadblocks, so you can start making the income you deserve!  

Let me in!


Jenny Melrose - Founder & CEO - Pitch Perfect Pro

Jenny is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. Through her unique pitching system, her lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee and many more. Now, she’s made it her mission to use her teaching skills and extensive experience as a successful influencer to share her strategies with thousands of other entrepreneurs.

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